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I am another broken heart.
I am just one of a billion specks of dust.
I am a girl with low-self esteem.
I am a person longing for a purpose.
I am a victim who needs help.
I am nothing without something to believe in.
I am someone who clings to other people.
I am influenced by everything and everyone.
I am a dead soul who hasn't lived yet.
I am the critic that hates everything.
I am the murderer with blood forever on my hands.
I am the grateful child, forever burdened.
I am an over-achiever who needs to be perfect.
I am the dreamer who will never reach her dreams.
I am dirty and disgusting.
I am ugly and gritty.
I am a human who does things only for herself.
I am a friend who isn't a very good friend.
I am the most jealous of all the jealous.
I am the prisoner trapped in her own never-changing world.
I am the traveler lost in the past.
I am the young lady, who isn't fit to be a girl.
I am the lover who loves all.
I am a filthy sinner who likes to sin.
I am a disobedient follower of God.
I am a misguided piece of trash.
I am a poet who writes what she feels and shuns it.
I am a conceited woman who submitted to vanity.
I am negative and non-trusting.
I am a person who hates people and holds grudges.
I am cold, so very cold.
I am a monster, a hideous monster.
I am a bitch who won't put up with your crap.
I am a spoiled brat who is angry and frustrated.
I am a sheltered little girl who hasn't experienced true pain.
I am who I am, I hate who I am, I've accepted who I am.
I'm just angry at myself and my poems is all. I'm sick of everyone viewing that last I am poem and thinking it's good, because I hate it. So I made a new one.

I'm sorry, I'm just so frustrated with myself. It'll pass...
izzibot Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011
Actually think i'm in love with this <3 it is soo amazing *Faved*
This so described me sometimes xD
Reyntime Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much. I was just really angry when I wrote this.
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June 10, 2011
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